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About us

Philosophy, aims, current issues and projects



ProDoc is a non­profit, non­denominational and politically independent network platform for PhD students in Freiburg im Breisgau with concern to general and current issues of doctoral candidates in Freiburg focusing on four aims.


Networking - Meeting - Discussing – Supporting


Current issues and projects

  • Preparing an informal frame to support the interaction between the convents (representation of doctoral candidates at the faculties).

Project: Drafting a frame to enable informal interaction between convent members when required.

  • Linking relevant websites and Facebook-webpage encreasing presence in social media and simplify invitation of interested PhD candidates to our social meetings.

Project: Homepage in German and English, discovering social-media

  • Identifying current challenges and problems of doctoral candidates and providing usefull web links on our homepage. Development of new Ideas with regard to simplifying the process of finishing the thesis (e.g. Doc-Tandem)

Project: Brainstorming about new ideas for instance hwo Doc-Tandem might be designed and how it`s gonna be implemented, either thinking about social and cultural activities.